Ski Trip Scholarships


Student Activity Scholarship Fund 

For those eligible for financial aid and interested in applying for a scholarship to attend Ski Trip, please apply to the Student Activity Scholarship Fund by NOVEMBER 5th!

Ski Trip should be for every Northwestern student, and thanks to the generosity of the Student Activity Scholarship Fund that dream is now a reality! 

You can apply for financial aid for Ski Trip by clicking the link.  Remember you have until November 5th!

Please do not purchase a ticket with the assumption that you will receive an SASF award for this trip—even if you have received an award for this activity in the past or qualified for other SASF awards at Northwestern. The SASF Review committee will work hard to ensure all applicants receive a response before the Ski Trip ticket deadline. Please do not put yourself in a financial hardship since the review process for SASF changes with each term based on budget available and volume of applications.