Student Activity Assistance Fund 


Instructions for 2019 Financial Aid

 1)    Visit this link:

2)    Look for the “Student Activities Assistance Fund”

3)    In the application, you will need to answer preliminary financial assistance questions (also known as the ‘basic profile’).

4)    Then you will answer supplemental (aka ‘opportunity specific’) questions related to the SAAF opportunity. NO NOTIFICATION WILL BE RECEIVED TO REVIEW AN APPLICATION IF YOU DO NOT FULLY COMPLETE THE SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS. (A quick check to make sure you’ve completed the supplemental questions: were you asked to upload a budget template file?)

5)    If you already applied for SAAF for another activity and received an award, you must

a.    amend your previous submission’s budget template

b.     add the secondary activity

c.     email that you have done so (so Joe Lattal knows to review it)

6)    You should include the dates of the Ski Trip, select ‘Ski Trip’ from the drop-down, and also ‘Recreation’ for the ‘primary classification’ question 

Please do not purchase a ticket with the assumption that you will receive an SAAF award for this trip

—even if you have received an award for this activity in the past or qualified for other SAAF awards at Northwestern. The SAAF Review committee will work hard to ensure all applicants receive a response before the Ski Trip ticket deadline. Please do not put yourself in a financial hardship since the review process for SAAF changes with each term based on budget available and volume of applications.