Early Bird Tickets go live tonight at midnight!

 Just a reminder: Early Bird ticket sales go live at midnight tonight! Please re-visit our website then to purchase a ticket on our home page.

A few notes:

1)    The mountain has officially been revealed, and 2018’s trip will be at Breckenridge, CO!

2)    Early Bird tickets go fast! Last year they were sold out in 2 minutes. Please be ready at midnight if you wish to purchase a ticket.

3)    When you visit the link to purchase a ticket, make sure to click “Reserve Your Spot” (in blue) as opposed to “Login.” (Even if you already have an account, start anew for this year’s mountain).

Trip Pricing, Ticket Release, and Mountain Reveal Announcement

As many of you know Ski Trip 2018 takes place Dec. 15 through Dec. 21. This is one week later than usual due to Northwestern’s class schedule, meaning 2018’s trip will take place during the “in season” of skiing.

Skiing during “in season” means that more trails will be open and groomed; however, it also means an increase in prices. This year, Early Bird tickets cost $695 and Regular tickets are $740. Our goal is always to provide a fun ski week at an affordable price, and while 2018’s prices are still discounted, we understand that they are higher than past years.

As a reminder, the ticket includes 6 nights of lodging, a 4-day ski pass, a concert, and access to other night events.

We want as many people to join our trip as possible and will continue to provide financial aid. We are working with SAAF to finalize details and will update you with the link and information to apply as soon as possible.

Our mountain reveal will be this Thursday at midnight (12:00AM between Oct. 17th and Oct. 18th), and can be found painted on the rock.  

Early Bird Tickets go live immediately after our reveal, and regular tickets go live on Oct. 21st. Please check NU ski trip’s website for the ticket link once it becomes active.

As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to nuskitrip@gmail.com


Mobile App

Coming soon…

-shuttle times to and from the resort

-restaurant and nightlife guide

-emergency contact information, including ski patrol

-trail map


Risk Management

  • All incidents will be reported to the University

  • Amnesty Policy is still in effect: Call, Stay, Cooperate

  • Contact NU Ski Trip, Resort Hotline, or Dean on Call if needed

  • NU Ski Trip complies with the NU Alcohol & Drug Policy


Tips & Reminders

Drink LOTS of water, especially the first day

Buses will stop at grocery stores

Packing list will be posted soon

Promo codes for 40% off Spy Goggles (echtours-112016) and Tipsy Elves (NUSKITRIP)

T-Shirts will be distributed at the mandatory housing meeting



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