What is included in an NU Ski Trip ticket?

The following are included in your ticket:

  • 5 nights lodging

  • 4 lift tickets

  • 1 private concert

  • 2 epic parties

  • Access to resort amenities

  • Discounted rentals, shuttles, ticket upgrades, activities

What are the dates of NU Ski Trip?

December 14 -19, 2019

We recommend booking flights from Chicago airports to DEN for early morning Saturday, December 14, 2019. We recommend booking a flight from DEN to your hometown airport late afternoon/night Thursday, December 19, 2019.

When should I book my flights for?

How do I get to the mountain from the airport and vice versa?

Shuttles are provided from the airport to the mountain and back at the beginning and end of the trip. These shuttles can be purchased when registering for your trip. They will be about $108 for a round trip.

Remember to give yourself approximately 1 hour between when your flight lands in Colorado and when your shuttle leaves the airport at the beginning of the trip. Also, remember to purchase a shuttle ticket 7 hours prior to when your flight leaves at the end of the trip.

I have never skied/boarded before, can I still get involved?

Absolutely! In fact, of the 1,000 students that go on the trip, the majority of them are first-time skiers. Ski Trip not only provides an opportunity for you to learn a number of snow sports, but there are so many other opportunities for a good time on the mountain.

Do you offer ski/snowboard lessons on the mountain?

Discounted ski and snowboard lessons are available on the mountain for NU Ski Trip participants.

What if I don’t have skis or a board?

Discounted ski and snowboard rentals are available on the mountain for NU Ski Trip participants. Information about reserving discounted rentals for the trip will be available when purchasing your ticket. Rentals will cost approximately $23 / day and more advanced skiers will have the opportunity to upgrade to demos for a higher price.

How does housing work and when do I choose my roommates?

While purchasing a trip ticket, participants will submit their housing preferences (roommates/room size). Rooming is based on seniority, however, we work our hardest to accommodate every student’s requests. In the case that rooming adjustments must be made to a particular room, members of that room will be notified prior to the trip. 

While students will be in different lodging accommodations across a given resort, we do our best to concentrate students in a few buildings. This way, the fun is never more than five minutes away.

Can non-NU students go on the trip?

In past years, ticket sales have been opened up to non-NU students after a few weeks of ticket sales.

I wasn't at the mandatory information session. How do I get my shirt?

If you weren't able to go to the mandatory information session that takes place after you buy your ticket in mid-November, email "nuskitrip@gmail.com" with subject line “SHIRT” and we’ll hook you up.

Are there any options for aid if I cannot afford the cost of the trip

We understand that, as students, any trip of this magnitude can cause a financial strain. Because of this, we have worked tirelessly to bring down costs as much as possible and announce airport locations over 9 months in advance so that cheaper flights can be looked into. We know, though, that sometimes this is not enough, which is why we have been working with Student Enrichment Services to provide free and discounted trips to students with demonstrated need. Please reach out to the Northwestern Student Enrichment Services office if you believe you qualify for this aid and are interested in attending the trip!

What is our drug & alcohol policy?