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You are now ready to get your tickets!

Not sure exactly what you need to buy? Look no further than our comprehensive three step solution to everything ski trip!


Purchase Tickets!

Purchase your Ski Tip 2019 tickets using the link below! All you need to get started is a $100 deposit. You can add trip excursions, shuttles, and rentals through the Echo Tour portal.

Dec 14-19, 2019


Plane Tickets

Plane tickets are by far the most important thing to book. The prices of the trip, shuttles, rentals, and everything else you can possibly think of are completely fixed. Plane tickets will get more expensive the longer you wait so it is best to buy them ASAP.

We recommend booking flights from Chicago airports to DEN for early morning Saturday, December 14, 2019. We recommend booking a flight from DEN to your hometown airport late afternoon/night Thursday, December 19, 2019.

This year NU Ski Trip is partnering with airlines to provide blocked flights so you can now fly with all of your friends!

We are offering the 2 options for round trip tickets:

  • Round Trip: ORD to DEN & DEN back to ORD

    • Dates/Time: TBD

    • Price: TBD

  • Full Trip: ORD to DEN & DEN back to EWR/JFK

    • Dates/Time: TBD

    • Price: TBD

Shuttles + Trip Add On’s

Shuttles are provided from the airport to the mountain and back at the beginning and end of the trip. Remember to give yourself approximately 1 hour between when your flight lands in Colorado and when your shuttle leaves the airport at the beginning of the trip. Also, remember to purchase a shuttle ticket 7 hours prior to when your flight leaves at the end of the trip.

While purchasing your ticket you can also add reservation for ski rental, ski lessons, and a number of other on trip event/promotions.

We are offering the following add on’s to your trip:

  • Shuttles

  • Ski Rentals

  • Ski Lessons

    • Beginner Discount:

    • All day:

    • Half Day:

  • Yoga Class

    • Date: TBD

    • Price:


All Done! More questions?

The above three steps cover the basics in terms of trips, but we know you guys want to know much more. What exactly is included in a ticket? How does lodging work? Are rentals discounted? What about groceries? So many more questions!

For now, check out the details below and visit our FAQ page, where we answer many of these basic questions. We will email you in the future when it comes time to discuss things such as lodging, groceries, and rentals, but for now, just sit tight and get hyped! If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot us an email at nuskitrip@gmail.com.